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Bring your game in close with Cass Creek Electronic Calls!

At Cass Creek we make it easy to lure game in close with our complete line of hunting products and hunting calls. Our innovative hunting calls are designed to vastly increase your hunting success rate. Cass Creek’s hunting products give you more options and the best choices when it comes to locating your intended species, luring them in and making the kill.

  • Electronic Calls: Cass Creek’s game calls lure game in close using innovative real animal sound technology and both internal and external speaker systems. Cass Creek offers electronic game calls for a variety of game species, including many predators. Browse our selection of deer calls, elk calls, moose calls and turkey calls.
  • Hand and Mouth Calls: Cass Creek’s hand and mouth game calls are perfect for creating exceptionally accurate pitches and tones to match natural animal vocalizations and master the subtleties of different types of animal calls. We have a large array of hand and mouth calls, including deer calls, moose calls, elk calls, squirrel calls and turkey calls.
  • Decoys: With our innovative Waggler predator decoy you can wirelessly control an enticing moving tail decoy, project 10 realistic animal sounds and disperse your favorite predator from up to 100 yards away! With the Waggler you can attract extremely wary predators in close while remaining out of sight and downwind. 
  • Scents, Attractants and Lures:  Cass Creek offers the scents, attractants and lures you need to bring in that trophy animal, including 28 of the most technologically advanced Synthetic urines available anywhere.  All of our scents, attractants and lures have been extensively field tested to ensure that they work for species such as javelina, mule deer, moose, whitetail, elk, coyote, wild hog, turkey and even skunks.
  • Hearing Amplification: Cass Creek can help you to both enhance the incoming sounds of the woods and dampen the loud sounds of shots with our hearing amplification products. Hear better than you ever thought was possible and protect your delicate hearing at the same time!
  • Scent Elimination - Control your scent in the field and enjoy better success. Our various scent elimination products help you beat your prey’s sense of smell.
  • Slings N’ Things: Our versatile slings for guns, bows and crossbows will make it easy to carry your weapon and keep it ready to use at all times.
  • Hunting Accessories: Cass Creek offers some of the most inventive and helpful hunting accessories around to help you ensure that all of your hunts are comfortable and successful!
  • Mobile Phone Apps: The Cass Creek iPhone App lets you download more than 20 different hunting calls to make game calls super easy!

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