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Harmon Buck Scrape Powder from Cass Creek

Harmon Buck Scrape Powder

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Harmon Buck Scrape Powder from Cass Creek

Harmon's Buck Scrape Powder by Cass Creek is manufactured with a formula that the competition would kill for and deer love. It is the only deer hunting scrape blend on the market that is loaded with 100% pure deer pheromones.

Harmon's Buck Scrape contains only ingredients found in nature. It contains no sodium chloride. No builders lime. No alcohol. No antifreeze. No barium. No sugar. No calcium.

Harmon's Buck Scrape is not a food. Harmon's Buck Scrape is best when used at least 3 weeks before bow hunting season begins to get deer used to using the scrape. Continue using it through the gun hunting season. Re-apply a new batch of Harmon's Buck Scrape every 3 to 4 weeks to freshen up your scrape.

You will love the results during bow hunting season, but you will be amazed during the Rut from start to finish.

Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. Harmon's Buck Scrape contains a mild alkali. Avoid contact with eyes and limited contact with skin. This product is not meant to be inhaled. Avoid breathing dust as it may cause sneezing. Never ingest. Keep away from eyes.