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Cass Creek Javelina / Hog Call

Javelina / Hog Call

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Cass Creek Javelina / Hog Call

The Cass Creek Havelina Hog Call produces the various sounds of hogs and javelina with great accuracy. Imitating the squealing, grunts and growls of wild pigs triggers their aggressionimage causing them to come and defend their territory from what they believe to be an intruding hog or javelina!

Accurate sound reproduction is key selling point of the Harmon Scents Havelina/Hog Call from Cass Creek. Hunters looking for the wild boar call the produces the best possible boar hunting results will love the Cass Creek Harmon Havelina Hog Call. The undeniable quality of Cass Creek hunting accessories will make your hunting trips more successful than ever before!