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Bring In The Predators With

The Nomad Electronic Predator Call

Cass Creek Nomad
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  • Loud Clear Sound
  • 5 Natural Calls to bring the predators close
  • Light Weight - Weighs only 8 ounces

Kill more trophy bucks

With Harmon Triple Deer Scents

Cass Creek Triple Pure Scents
100% Pure
Cass Creek Synthetic Scents
Cass Creek Aerosols
Cass Creek Run-on Stick
Rub-on Stick
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  • Keep the buck around longer
  • A mixture of premium doe estrus urine from at least 3 different female deer

Predators don't have a chance!

Cass Creek Ergo Predator Electronic Calls

Cass Creek Ergo Predator Calls
Ergo Predator
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Cass Creek Ergo Predator II Calls
Ergo Predator II
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Cass Creek
  • Five calls in one
  • Authentic recordings
  • Convenient belt clip, external speaker input jack
  • Operates on 3 AAA batteries