Big Horn Remote Speaker with Cable

Big Horn Remote Speaker with Cable

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Cass Creek: Big Horn Remote Speaker with Cable


  • 75’ cable for maximum separation
  • Non-skid rubberized base
  • Standard mini plug can be used with many game calls as well as other audio devies
  • Operates on 4 standard C batteries (not included)
  • Works with most MP3 players
  • Simple to operate push button on/off switch
  • Excellent for large area coverage
  • LED power indicator
  • Sure grip adjustable handle


Amplify your game calls with a remote speaker that gives you the edge you need to bag the big game.

This game call speaker can be used with the Cass Creek Ergo, Cass Creek Nomad and Cass Creek Amplifier series game calls.  The Cass Creek Big Horn Speaker has 75' of cable for maximum separation to attract the game you want and position them for the big shot.  This game call amplifier works with most MP3 players and can be used with many other calls.

Use with your Cass Creek ™ Ergo, Nomad ™  or Amplifire™ Electronic Game Calls to get that trophy game with the big game speaker. A must for crow, snow goose and western predator callers!

These units feature an LED power indicator, simple to operate push button on/off switch, sure grip adjustable handle, non-skid rubberized base.

Operates on 4 standard C batteries (not included).


This thing rocks! I drive this off my I-Touch for calling all kinds of game. I have used it in the rain and snow and have as yet to kill it. The 4 C-cells last a very long time. You have a place to roll up the cable. A good carry handle and a fold out thing to hang it from a tree limb. Very well thought out. The sound quality is great.

very well made


Excellent Coverage and easy operation

Works well with all my calls . Extended coverage area. I like the fact that it comes with a long cord and is a must to take on any hunting trip.

simple operation
LED indicator
Works with my MP3 Player

Not durable

I've owned this for six months and the speaker has stopped working. It started working intermittently and then completely stopped. I took it apart and found that the lead to the speaker had a short. Unfortunately the warranty is 30 days. Great price, very loud but quality is poor in my experience.




Like this unit-very loud-hooked it up to my ergo calls. Like I can hang it easily too. Suggest the cord be extended from 75' to 100'


extend cord another 25!

Big horn Speaker

I just got this unit and really like how loud it is and the sounds are real clear even at high volume, and it hooked up good to my handlheld ergo call

Amplfier Predator

I was in a derby 3 weeks ago we hunted all the spots we hunt pheasants and that's where the coyotes were. Early in the morning when the birds started crowing the coyotes were on the prowl. Also the call with crowing would be good for location in thick heavy cattails phragmites cane and willows when you hunt pheasants. My team won 1st place with 2 coyotes using your Amplifier.

good quality sounds
long range sound

not that I could see

Coyote Slayer

This call works awesome. The first time out of the box at my first stand I called a coyote in and had it down within four minutes. Later the same weekend called three coyotes in at once. If your looking to get fur on the ground this is the call that I would recommend.