Cass Creek Mega Amp Electronic Coyote Call

Mega Amp Electronic Coyote Call

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Cass Creek Mega Amp Electronic Coyote Call


The Mega Amp Electronic Coyote Call from Cass Creek busts through wind to bring in the coyote - what every hunter wants from their stand alone, handheld game call. Louder than the Amplifier series, the enhanced speaker system really brings in the coyote.  This call is 50% louder than before.  This gives hunters an edge when it comes to a successful coyote hunt. Lures the coyote in closer for a good shot.

Features include one hand control, easy switching of the 10 calls, the loudest sound from a handheld game call, speaker input jack, ten game calls with easy to read LED indicator light, belt holder, lanyard loop and auto interrupt feature.

Cass Creek brings the game in close with authentic sounds of real animal species on their game call devices.

Included Calls:

  • Female Adult Howl - Full grown female coyote locater howl
  • Coyote Food Fight - Coyotes fighting over a kill
  • Territorial Beta Male - Challenging male in frenzied mode
  • Adult Cat Distress - Adult housecat making defensive stand
  • Cottontail Distress - Cottontail rabbit wounded and distressed
  • Crow Baby Distress - Agitated crow babies calling for adults
  • Fawn Distress - Lost fawn calling to adults
  • Fleming Hare Distress - Baby fleming hare wounded and distressed
  • Grey Fox Pups - Grey fox pups whining and yipping
  • Jackrabbit Young Distress - Jackrabbit wounded and distressed



Love this caller, 9 or the 10 sounds are really good, it is very loud, and the coyotes come in. Nothing fancy but it is reasonably priced and it works!

Like this call. Very loud. 10 good calls. one hand operation. Great price.

Works every time for me. Love this loud call!

Mega Amp Game Call

A good predator hunter is going to have more than one way to bring in a yote, foxes or cats of all kinds. These varmints get quickly educated about what a certain kind of call means and will hang up just outside shooting range or just inside cover while they scope things out.

Cass Creek, long known for producing quality game calls, has added another portable weapon to the arsenal of the serious predator hunter, the MegaAmp. The new version of the MegaAmp is 50 percent louder than most other hand-held electronic callers.

Louder sounds means more range means more varmints coming in from farther away. As it's hand held, the direction can be immediately adjusted to make it sound like the animal is turning it's head as it cries out.

The sounds are real animals, recorded by a wildlife researcher and transferred into the MegaAmp. The songdog version hand-held electronic caller has 10 sounds:

Female tote

Yote food fight

Territorial beta male

Adult cat distress

Cottontail distress

Crow baby distress

Fawn distress

Fleming hare distress

Grey fox pups

Young jackrabbit distress

While most of these are pretty typical for an electronic caller, the Fleming hare adds a distinctive new sound to the repertoire. It's a rabbit, but the different vocalization sounds should be like nothing a coyote has heard and so ole Wile E. won't be as suspicious when he comes running in.

The device is easily held in one hand. It has a belt loop attachment and a cord on the bottom, making this extremely easy to tote when you move from stand to stand. No need to carry a box or bag to haul around the electronics.

The controls are large and easy to operate with gloves on. Volume is controlled with a vertical wheel in the middle of the caller. A set of arrow buttons just about that are large and allow you to cycle through the calls quickly. LED lights on the backside of the speaker head show you which sound is ready to play.

A trigger on the front gives you immediate control over when you sound off. With just a moment or two of familiarization, you can call and adjust the sound at the same time with one hand.

It operates on 3 AA batteries, included. Smart hunters will have backup batteries as well.

Altus Cass Creek MegaAmp Game Call is a hotline to feral animals!

Altus Cass Creek MegaAmp Game Call :
When we first began looking into home protection guns the local papers were reporting a big up-tick in local coyote sightings; we (erroneously) thought that if a coyote were to attack a pet, a coyote game call might be enough to distract it (it's more likely to attract more of them). We're licensed to hunt but we're not hunters so our interest in reviewing a Cass Creek MegaAmp Game Call was more about the gizmo than about using it. It's a lantern-shape handheld with a speaker where you'd expect the reflector to be with an on/off switch in the butt, a volume control, a trigger & a selector. Its library of field-recorded wildlife includes 3 coyote & 1 each cat, cottontail, crow, jackrabbit, hare, fox & fawn. We went to the back deck, let the fawn distress sound 3 times at high volume & within seconds a doe came in out of the woods. Bottom line: the Altus Cass Creek MegaAmp Game Call is a hotline to feral animals.

This is the caller for me!

This caller has it all. You have many different calls to choose from, as well as being able to adjust your volume and really get thos calls out on those windy days. This call has proven itself to me in the field a number of times already, and is very durable.

Different Calls
Ease of Operation


new coyote caller

I just got this call and it is awesome. Loud and it really worked. I can call with one hand and look thru my binocs wth the other. We need one for for moose too.

good calls

R. Walters

"this called worked great for me-really attracted several coyotes called them in-the call quality is really good-and loud-- I didn't en see them out there.

real good vlume-loud
calls were good quality

mega amp coyote

Just got one of these as a gift. It really works well-very loud-even in the wind. It comes with batteries and is easy to use with one hand. The calls were effective for me too. I didn't have to wait too long for some coyotes to come in.

easy to use

it should come with rechargable batterie