Harmon Skunk Cover Scent from Cass Creek

Harmon Skunk Cover Scent

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Harmon Skunk Cover Scent from Cass Creek


There is no odor quite like Harmon Skunk Cover Scent from Cass Creek.   It is very concentrated and has a very strong skunk scent.


2 ounce bottle with convenient spray top.


Keep away from children. Never ingest.  Keep away from eyes.

skunk cover

this skunk cover worked well for me, covered up my scent, I was reluctant because I saw a bad review- but it sure seemed good to me!


We used this product as a science fair project. "What is the best way to clean skunk smell?" (Dawn, peroxide, and baking soda) It worked great for us, and my son earned 1st place. It smelled just like the skunk that sprayed our dog the month before we did the project.

The label on this product is very misleading. "Skunk "cover" scent Real skunk odor" lead me to believe that this product would smell like skunk musk spray!
this smells like anything but! I can only assume that this supposed to smell like skunk urine, which is not what I was after!

MANAGEMENT RESPONSE: Adam, we are very sorry if you felt our product advertising was misleading. We do not claim this is a musk but we will review how we describe it on our package and web site to make that more clear. I generally think of a musk as an attractant for predator hunting or trapping. For white tail the skunk urine smell works well to make the woods seem more natural and cover up my himan odor.
Please contact our customer service department and they will get you taken care of as we do not want any dissatisfied customers. My apologies. - Gary

Back to the woods

Two weeks ago I had a rough hunt. This weekend (friday eve) hunt went great. The skunk cover worked with out fail. Ready for the rut to heat up.